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To provide patients with a full range of treatment options, one of the many procedures performed is minimally invasive surgery. Depending on the patient and condition being treated, this can be an excellent alternative to conventional "open" surgery that typically involves large incisions. This technologically advanced option, which can include robotic-assisted techniques, requires incisions just a few millimeters in length. The small incisions create a passageway for special surgical instruments and a fiber-optic instrument called a laparoscope. The device transmits images from within the body to a video monitor, allowing the surgeon to see the operative area on the screen. This approach enables physicians to perform many kinds of major surgery with less patient trauma and pain, minimal scarring, faster recovery and shorter hospital stays.
The Cardiothoracic & Vascular Surgery (CTVS) department is giving Word Class facilities. The state of the art cardiothoracic department comprises a team of highly experienced and competent surgeons for round the clock treatment and care of Cardiac surgical patients. The Cardiac surgical team is fully trained to tackle all types of cardiac surgical patient like..

Routine and Emergency coronary bypass
Valve replacement
Beating heart surgery
Use of arterial grafts
Carotid and coronary endarterectomies
Unstable patients on intra aortic balloon pump support or compromised ventricular functions
Combines procedures like Coronary bypass and valve replacement

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