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Keep Heart Trouble At Bay

The thought of a dining table set up for a meal with fruits and vegetables can be enough to turn you into a glutton. And with green predominant on the table, it promises great health too!....


Corruption may endanger heart

The evils of corruption are no more confined to society but it can endangering one's health too. A public interest meet, organised by cardiology department of Sri Action Balaji Medical Institute.....


Corruption Can Give You a Heart Attack

If this does not put fear into the minds of those that are engaged in dubious deals, whether political, business or whatever, nothing probably will Corruption is not only confined to illegal....


Have a Hearty Laugh.

We provide the best level of comprehensive cardiac catre to its patients.With its excellent infrastructure and advanced facilities for the treatment of heart ailments.....


Toothache can be a sign of Cardiac Arrest

Has yout toothache disappeared after resting for a while ? Is your dentist unable to relieve your toothache even after frequent visits.Scary? But this may be the symptoms.....


World Heart Day

This World Heart Day, tale a pledge to love your heart by following these few simple tips:
  • Give up smoking & drinking
  • Indulge in atleast one physical activity everyday...

This Independence Day Onwards Say NO To Corruption For The Sake Of Your Heart

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