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Listen To Your Heart

There are many urban youths who are unaware of the fact that they too are vulnerable to various heart problems. It has been observed that the haphazard lifestyle led by today’s youth is the....


Don't let Heart ailments pause your pregnancy

The findings in the recent survey "Visualising the Extent of Heart Disease in Indian Women" are worrisome. According to it, there has been an increase in cardiovascular diseases by 10-15 per cent....


8 simple ways to keep your heart fit

On the occasion of World Heart Day, Dr Amar Singhal, head of department, cardiology, of Delhi-based Sri Balaji Action Medical Institute, lists out a simple yet heart-healthy regimen. In India.....


Young professionals falling prey to heart attacks

Heart disease is no longer restricted to the middle-aged and the old. Long working hours at the desk, little physical exercise and unhealthy eating habits are also taking a toll on working.....


Heart disease at 30 Blame lifestyle

If you binge on junk food, smoke and don’t exercise, you are at risk of developing heart diseases in your thirties. According to doctors, about 46.9 million Indians between 20 and 69 will.....


शहरी युवाओं को तेजी से चपेट में ले रही हैं दिल की बीमारियां
तीस वर्ष की बरखा दुग्‍गल का वजन अचानक बढ़ने लगा था। उनके पति ने उन्‍हें जिम जाने की सलाह दी। व्‍यायाम करते समय बरखा को काफी असहज महसूस होता। हालांकि, उनके दोस्‍तों और रिश्‍तेदारों का यही कहना था कि क्‍योंकि उन्‍हें अभी व्‍यायाम...

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